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The First Presbyterian Church of Morrison IL (first meeting in Union Grove) was founded on March 28, 1855, during the time the railroad was being constructed through the county. An A-frame, wooden building was constructed on the site of the present church in 1859. As the church grew, a brick structure was planned for and the present sanctuary portion of the building was constructed in 1884. The previous wooden building was purchased, moved and used as a carriage house.


Music has always played an important part in the worship life of the congregation. The first pipe organ, which had to be hand-pumped, was installed between 1884 and 1896.


The 1920s was a period of growth and prosperity in the region. A manse—a home for the serving minister—was built in 1923. The home still stands today, at 107 E. Wall Street, though no longer used as a manse. The church building was reconstructed in 1926 to add more room for classrooms, social rooms and a basement.


The 1950s ushered in another period of tremendous growth. A new pipe organ was installed in 1951, necessitating the building of a new chancel. A Sunday school wing was added on the north side of the church building in 1958 which, today, houses the Morrison Community Day Care Center. The Congregation of FPC celebrated the 100th anniversary of the church in 1955, the same year the townspeople of Morrison celebrated the city’s centennial.


Another period of major renovation and reconstruction took place in 1993 and the mid-2010s and the congregation continues to make positive developments as the needs of the church, and the community it serves, change.


The spiritual history of the church has included an active music program, a focus on the Christian education of its children, opportunities for socializing together and faithfully serving missions at home and throughout the world.

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