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Sharing Christ's Love

Cookie Frost-off (postponed in the COVID-era) 

A group of bakers and frosters meet to frost cookies four times per year. The cookies are then taken to members of the church, as well as others in our community, who are in a time of need, at a nursing home or have difficulty leaving home. These frost-off events happen around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, May Day and Halloween. Checks the Events page to find the date of the next one.


Prayer Ministry

At FPC, prayer is at the center of our ministry. If you would like to be added to the prayer list, which appears in the bulletins and newsletters, please contact the pastor, church office or a Deacon. You may also contact them if you have any special prayer requests. We also offer prayer chains in which we will notify all church members in an extreme time of need, asking them to pray.

Retirement Home Worship Services & Ministries 

The churches of the Morrison area provide worship services at the three retirement and nursing homes in town on a rotational basis. Our pastor leads the service yet members are encouraged to participate. Our pastor and members also hosted Bible Studies, music and visitation ministries and have volunteered to help with events and programming.

Resthave Nursing and Retirement Home’s Board of Directors is comprised of members from the Morrison churches. We are proud to have an FPC member serve on this board. The current representative is listed on the back page of the newsletter.


Stronghold Camp & Retreat Center, Oregon IL

FPC supports the mission and activities of Stronghold, a retreat and camping center operated by the Presbytery of Blackhawk, through an annual donation, participation in special events and providing camp scholarships to children of the church.

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